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Now Gallery

In the diary!

As you do, - when the sunshine begins to make more of a regular appearance; the evenings stay lighter for longer and we all find that extra spring in our step – we find things to do with our weekends and evenings that doesn’t involve a bowl of pasta in front of Netflix.

So, there are loads of events and exhibitions that we will be visiting in search of inspiration over the coming Summer months, but there are two in particular that we are really looking forward to and have firmly penned in the diary.

Sara Shakeel, The Great Supper, Now Gallery Greenwich

There’s currently a floor to ceiling heavy curtain concealing all the magic that’s going into setting up the Great Supper at the Now Gallery, Greenwich. The scene is being set for a stand out dining room setting created by award winning Pakistani visual artist Sara Shakeel. When her instagram @sarashakeel pops up on your feed, it’s definitely a page that you truly get lost in. Her art collage images are adorned with crystals – instantly transforming items (from water bottles to Big Ben) from normal everyday objects to unbelievably decorative, eye-catching art works.

The Now Gallery says. ’The Great Supper will set the scene of an elaborate dining room which will express a subversive, witty dialogue through sculptural form, and will explore and celebrate the significance of the family table through the decorative use of crystals.

Sparking conversations around food, family ties and ultimately the perceived value of banal and ordinary objects, Sara Shakeel’s The Great Supper invites visitors to observe the simpler pleasures in life. In today’s world that is so consumed by technology, visitors will be reminded to reflect on precious moments and memories without striving for materialism.’

Yinka Ilori, Types of Happiness 8th May – 23rd June 2019, RCA

Alongside Yinka Ilori’s first public commission ‘Happy Street,’ Types of happiness at the Royal College of Art is a solo exhibition by artist and furniture designer Ilori. The exhibition explores the 16 different types happiness that he has used for his Happy Street railway bridge design and is made up of upcycled pieces of art. Unique pieces incorporating traditions from his Nigerian heritage and transforming these traditions into playful topics of conversation for visitors to the show.

We will most definitely be visiting the RCA for this one in preparation of the treat that awaits us in ‘Happy Street.’ Yinka’s design for the gloomy railway bridge is set to convert the space into a bright, colourful and welcoming environment for the community of which he consulted with during the design process.

Like his furniture pieces, Yinka is introducing brightly coloured panels in a rainbow of colours and at night the design will be illuminated with coloured lighting “to bring a sense of cheerfulness and delight to a hitherto ordinary environment.” We look forward to visiting Happy Street and absorb all the happiness that you are bound to absorb in a space full of such bright and hopeful colour.

After you’ve soaked up all that culture and the sun has gone down, - then absolutely go grab that bowl of pasta and chill.

London Event Bureau food market

Event stands with organic hands.

The last couple of weeks, Event Bureau have become acutely aware of the dozens of incredible food shows available to us Londoners. But not just any market stands, these are collections of some of the most ethically aware promising start ups you can round up.

It was so uplifting to be surrounded by aspiring start ups like ourselves but each and everyone of them that we spoke to had a story to tell. They all had a good will mission. Weather it was for our bodies or our planet (mostly both), they’d pulled out all the stops and were an inspiration to be around.

Brand events such as these are of huge interest to us. We won’t lie, its wonderful to see what sustainable and yummy products are out there, but it’s a dream brief for us to design such a thing. Naturally we had to investigate and we weren’t disappointed.

We visited the London Coffee Festival at The Old Truman Brewery first. It was a sensory overload! Packed full and enough stands to keep you chatting for weeks. Not a lot of room but we saw some favourites who had worked well in their allotted space. But it was the Natural and Organics Europe Show at the Excel Centre which really got our juices flowing. A few highlights included Nature’s Bounty indoor greenhouse, Rude Health’s colour explosion and Welda’s caravan oasis. Willy’s Apple Cider made a marketing stand an art with their lawns and apple trees too.

The truth is it’s something we hope we can grow into, to help brands reach their full potential when it comes to strutting their stuff in competitive business centres like these. Hopefully by doing a good job we will be helping them sell some pretty wonderfully ethical products along the way!

Until next year!

William Morris event bureau

William Morris


After a break like Christmas where you loose all sense of which day it is, EB like to start fresh with a hit of inspiration.

We took a trip to Walthamstow where amongst the every day looking streets of North London sits a seriously beautiful Georgian House. When Walthamstow wasn’t the next spot for gentrification in built up London, it was once Essex country side and this house in particular once had country side views and a rather grand moat surrounding it.

It housed a moment in time for the Morris family. A grand bunch who moved amongst some other beautiful houses in their time. We couldn’t help think what an amazing venue this would make, the atmosphere was rich and the ceilings were high!

William Morris, the most famous in their family strikes a cord with a huge number of people still in 2019. His designs have stood the testimony of time and remain such an inspiration to many including the EB team.

This museum provided a great insight to his methods of working, his entrepreneurial vision and the sheer talent he had. The products he provided may not be hugely relevant to our Event Bureau services, but how can we not be influenced by his determination to follow his creative dreams in the aristocratic world he lived in.

Hopefully a client out there will come to us requesting some stationery inspired by William Morris because we just want to get lost in the endless designs he created which hang on our walls and sofas even today.

To better understand this great find, go and visit and be sure to visit their visiting exhibitions too. We were lucky enough to catch “The Enchanted Garden” for a gorgeous painted floral fix!

Most curious wedding fair event bureau

Most Curious Wedding Fair!

We spoke to Ellie from Most Curious and answered some questions. Here are some of our answers or take a look at the link below for the full article.

The coolest/best moment of your career so far…

Alice: My coolest/funniest moment would have to be me stood at Green Park station handing out free flower bouquets to very confused looking members of the public. They didn’t understand why they were being given something so beautiful – for free.

We absolutely hate to waste flowers and when we can, we will try and re-gift them. We’ve worked with a great charity called Floral Angels who are a London based charity who recycle donated flowers (from events; florists and retailers) and restyle them into beautifully re-arranged bouquets that are then gifted to members of the community who could benefit from a random act of kindness.

Who or what inspires you?

Fiona: We have all come from Design based backgrounds, so we are very much in the practice of being constantly on the look out for inspiration everywhere. Visiting galleries and exhibitions is a must for us. No matter how busy we get, there has always got to be time for a bit of culture. We are lucky enough to be London based as there is inspiration everywhere. More specifically – we get the most inspiration from meeting with our clients. We are then much more confident that we are designing to their tastes and not what is the done thing at any particular time.

What's the most curious thing about your business?

Vanessa: The idea of EventBureau was born over a terrible Pepperoni Pizza! We were on a girl’s weekend in Amsterdam and had spent all of our money on tickets to the ballet, so we went for a quick Pizza beforehand. We were so bored with the food (and the comedy service) that we decided there and then that we would start our own business. I think I have the napkin in which we wrote it all down somewhere at home.

How to fasten a buttonhole.jpg


Fasten a button hole.

One of the best parts of our job can be found when working on a wedding brief. It’s a chance to see your client’s face on the morning of the day we’ve all been waiting plotting and planning for. It’s a tools down moment where we catch a glimpse of the bridal make overs, the grooms cheeky drink with his groomsman and deliver their bouquets and button holes. The atmosphere is full of merriment, hairspray and jittery smiles.

However, on these cheery deliveries, here at Event Bureau we often come across a similar question. “Could you show me how to fasten a button hole?”. It seems to be a mystery to many Grooms but no fear! We thought it might be a good idea to feature some “How to..” posts to nip this event uncertainties in the bud. Excuse the pun..

Here you will see three behind the scenes Event Bureau sketches. Let’s talk you through it. You will need a pin with a nice fat head on it.

One. Left lapel chaps! Button holes are always worn on the left about four inches down from your shoulder. Starting behind your lapel poke the pin through close to the stems of your button hole.

Two. Pierce through the buttonhole stems. Be careful, button holes are often wired and are fragile little things so careful how you go.

Three. Pierce back through to the back of your lapel as close to the stems as possible. This will make less room for movement and avoids having any pin showing through in those wedding photos.

Dependant on the style of button hole, some people reinforce with another pin. Another option is to repeat the process but pierce vertically up through the stems however we like to avoid this to stop your pin from showing. But it’s a good option if you know you will be pulling some particularly flamboyant dance moves later…

There you have it! Bobs your Uncle! (Sat at table 3 probably).. You’re picture perfect Event Bureau button hole is ready to go.

Hope that helps gents!


The other October fest

Is anyone else thinking they over slept and woke up having missed a month?! We at Event Bureau had only just said adieu to those summer events and all of a sudden its October, which can only mean.. October fest! No, not that one. The other one..

For us, this time of year normally means, a beautiful new palette of flowers to work with, attending meetings with an extra layer, thinking about those Christmas parties that are just around the corner, but most importantly the wonder and sheer English charm of these types of events.

Throughout England, villages small and large right up to our very own Royal Horticultural society, growers strut their stuff at their whopping great Harvest Festivals (yes that is the other October fest). Now, when we say whopping great, we mean whopping great..

In the regal base that is Lindley Hall a stones throw from Victoria Station, we entered into a world like no other. Just when you think event planners, stylists or florists are quirky enough, behold the wonder of horticulture! We were immediately greeted by the “grow the biggest pumpkin” competition where we stood in awe of for a considerable amount of time! Our eyes adjusted to the richness of the contents of the room and moved across rows and rows of produce grown with the up most of care and skill.

We had experienced similar shows in English villages but this seemed to have an edge of sophistication. We loved that we had discovered another industry of knowledge and craftsmanship. The RHS were hosting talks to demonstrate exactly that with a programme of specialists sharing their knowledge and advise to home growers and industry minds.

As far as events go there was a lot on offer. These fabulous talks were backed up with “the heaviest apple” competitions and a wonderful artful corner with a fitting fruitful scene where all was missing was a member of public to be the model.

We’d most certainly like to acknowledge the truly brilliant Save the Date Cafe, who’s environmentally friendly ideas and hard work meant that the wastage from this event would be minimal. This brilliant charity put together a donation based meal out of thrown away produce. Website is here for more information.

Inspiration was certainly drawn from this visit. Who says you can’t use vegetables as a centre piece? Trust me once you’ve seen those ‘harvest festival baskets’, you’ll agree.

For one more day only! Get over to Lindley Hall, coffee break, lunch break or after work, it’s worth a look and a shake of those growers hands.

Thank you RHS for a great 2018 show.


RA 250 years summer spectacle and Pleasure Gardens

An inevitable post dedicated to the magnificent Royal Academy of Arts. This year they celebrated their 250th summer exhibition with a larger than life show as well as a recreation of a ‘Georgian fantasy land’ pleasure garden. A playground of artistic showmanship.

Event Bureau attended this one night only sparkling event in full head gear and merriment. We were first met by a mesmerising courtyard full of sensory awakening features. A highlight had to be the misted magic from Loop.pH offering a welcome spritz of delicious mist on a rather hot evening!

We saw some work of old friends, Vowed and Amazed who had lit the scene with their light up letters (a favourite of ours from a wedding last summer), all accompanied by a series of wiggle worthy beats from a multitude of DJ’s spinning the night away. We feasted on some great pop up eateries, some since that we definitely locked down in our special black book of event suppliers.

Once in the exhibition itself, you’re transformed into a night out of the ordinary. Soaking up inspiration for colour combinations, typography, form and format, which had us all mentally translating into stationery, signage, bouquet colour palettes or just an installation of dreams.

Suddenly you are greeted by a back from the dead fully dressed Georgian character who has come to chat to you about the weather. You can’t then help but get fully immersed in the fabulous drag queen karaoke or get stuck into the wonderland life drawing or mass dance routines being taught in the hallway.

If the exhibitions themselves did not manage to make you fall in love with each piece, they would have certainly at least triggered a creative thought or two which is what it’s all about. A true source of inspiration in and out of this exhibition, showing that events really can transform the ordinary. Happy anniversary RA, until next year.


Sketch in Bloom

The Event Bureau team hadn't been this excited in a while about a London take over. In amongst the various London in Bloom festivals going on in May, Sketch decided to host one of the crown jewels.

From the entrance to the last cosy corner table upstairs, the view and smell.. was sensational! We were hit first by the breathtaking entrance transporting us to a magical and mysterious land full of colour and detail. This lead to a dose of the iconic Marjorelle gardens in Morocco with the intoxicating Yves Saint Laurent Blue.

Upstairs were some immersive features and show stopping installations. We were struck by the scale and imagination of it all. A huge congratulations goes to all these designers and grafters for achieving what really was the highlight of the season for us here at Event Bureau. Jam Jar, Flower Appreciation Society and Carly Rogers Flowers, you smacked it out of the park.

Event Bureau Royal Wedding.JPG

Royally nailed it.

This weekend Britain got wedding fever. Whether a royal fan or not, it's been hard to ignore the exciting build up to this huge spectacle of British showmanship.

Event Bureau dropped by to witness the sheer scale of organisation and graft first hand. We were bowled over by the atmosphere with campers setting up days before their promised glimpse, media storming the sleepy town with impressive set-ups, and one couldn't avoid walking into a live camera shot of reporters feeding back information worldwide.

We caught a glimpse of Philippa Craddock's team in the midst of what can only have been a mammoth install. We weren't disappointed by the beautiful wild and regal chapel displays towering over the glamour below. With a clever control of colour and texture, Philippa Craddock's design felt fitting to the historical venue. It was soft, complex and romantic whilst remaining true to modern floristry trends. Our hearts exploded on the knowledge that the bouquet flowers were hand picked from Kensington Palace.. I mean, England at it's finest.

All together: cake designers, photographers, caterers, gardeners, security, transport, printers, musicians, logistal masterminds and beyond showed the art of event planning in effortless form. Our hearts were beating fast for everyone watching and thinking about all these elements come together and we couldn't be prouder to share our industry with such creative and pristine craftsmen. Bubbles were flowing early for the Event Bureau Team, not only to celebrate this beautiful modern fairytale couple, but a CHEERS to a perfect example of the art of event planning. What achievements, what a day!

peony event bureau

Focus : Peony

We're mid way through May and the wedding season is well and truly under way. We wanted to take a moment of appreciation for one of the most popular flowers of the season and the event business as a whole.

From our experience we all get over excited when we see their first sighting at the flower market, we enthusiastically drool over these explosions of colour and abundance of petals in open gardens and bouquets out and about. We giddily place these gems in arrangements and watch their colours turn from fuchsia to the palest of ivory, but where do they come from and what do they symbolise?

We love learning a few fun facts and did a spot of research, we weren't disappointed. These beautiful flowers mark 12th wedding anniversaries, and embody romance and prosperity. They are a good omen for a happy marriage too. No wonder they still remain one of the most popular choices to have on the day of all romantic days and what better excuse to make them a regular resident of any home or office bringing riches and honour, not to mention a true treat for the eyes.


Salone del Mobile, Milano 2018

The weather was perfect, the vibe was perfect, Milan was nothing short of an inspirational feast. Rossano Orlandi, Typecasting by Vitra, Dezeen x Mini Living; CLS Architecture + Arup; Fondazione Prada , The Diner, RAW, Superstudio; Nendo; Norwegian presence;. So much to see, such little time. Milan at it’s worst is consistently labeled as one of the key spots for style and innovation. Multiply that by one trillion and you have arrived at Milan design week. A hub of creativity and the most stylish looking humans effortlessly roaming those cobbled, tram loving streets.

When there is so much design inspiration to see and an imminent flight to catch, it is hard to decide what to end on. After much deliberation, we decided to join Hay Design as their guests at the stunning Palazzo Clerici. W H A T A S T U N N E R! Lured in to the Al fresco lunch spread in the sun drenched courtyard, we feasted on fresh produce and delicious wine whilst discussing our finds. All over a subtle soundtrack of sound installation by British Artist Trevor Jackson, courtesy of Sonos. Little did we know what awaited at the top of the stone steps of the grand staircase…. A series of rooms with the most beautiful traditionally decorative ceilings was home to Hays simple, modern catalogue of contemporary furniture and accessories. The perfect juxtaposition of the old and the new.

Thank you Hay. Thank you Milano!


gallery now harmonics in space

NOW Gallery

Another inspiring visit to the NOW Gallery in North Greenwich – a staple eventBUREAU favourite. The current exhibition, ‘Harmonics in Space’ running until 29th April is that of Fred Butler, who has transformed the gallery into a harmonious Zen destination where the concept of light and colour is explored as an antidote to SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and the demands of urban living.

The installation consists of three lit polyhedral spheres, that you are encouraged to dip your heads into and embrace the healing light. Indeed, we embraced the healing light and also the opportunity to truly observe our thoughts; breathing; creativity and spatial awareness. How perfect would this be for a shared working space?

After the past weekends weather, the sight of frozen daffodils and tube delays on the commute this morning THIS was a well spent 30 minutes just being.

Most Curious Wedding Fair

Most Curious Wedding Fair

Event Bureau recently braved the London snow and visited the Most Curious Wedding Fair. Each and every exhibitor certainly was 'marriage material'.

Everywhere we looked were the most beautiful displays by fellow contributors to the world of events. With a buzzing and creative atmosphere, we enjoyed immensely the celebration of alternative ideas, and came away with new industry friends. We are inspired and lucky to be part of such a thriving community of creatives and look forward to joining in the fun next time!

Event Bureau


Welcome to the Event Bureau Journal. Here we will share our inspiration, news and all that is between.

For our first post we would like to introduce our team. Vanessa, Alice and Fiona. Between us we have experience in graphic design, 3D and CAD, floristry, calligraphy, photography, interior and exhibition design, as well as illustration and styling.

Event Bureau was born after hosting a succession of our own events and realising there lacked a trustworthy, accessible and approachable design firm that was willing to help with as little, or as many, aspects of our celebrations as we needed. We seized our moment to offer a 'pick and mix' style service.

Our long-standing friendship is at the core of everything we do. We hope you become a friend of ours too. Stay tuned on our social media and journal pages for the latest scoop and insights and to learn what we've recently been cooing over.